To form, shape, mould

Forma is an upscale trattoria with a fresh, handmade pasta programme by The Cicheti Group and Ben Fatto. Four seasons a year, we master the form of a selection of traditional pasta shapes using original methods of fabrication. We dive into the culinary anthropology that shaped each pasta’s storied history, along with the sauces and broths that enamoured entire regions.

We mould a full-fledged trattoria-style menu that celebrates each season’s slate of pasta plates with regional specialities from course to course, and Italian wines from every corner of its boot-shaped peninsula. All set against a lovingly restored shophouse off the colourful Joo Chiat estate, with thoughtful touches of its artisanal past and present in every turn.


Eat and drink your way through the rich mosaic of Italy’s gastronomic identity, where familial ties and warm friendships are kindled around convivial dining occasions. The kind that opens with traditional pasta shapes being made right before your eyes, enrobed with sauces inspired by each native region’s past and present, and complemented with a daily selection of dry-aged cuts from the local specialist butcher. Celebrate “La Bella Vita” at our dining table with dishes and wines that take you on a journey through Italy’s astounding culinary regional diversity.


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